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Splashing the cash


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It seems once again that certain teams in the Isthmian Premier division are splashing the cash next season.


Heybridge, Braintree, Chelmsford have all made a number of big additions already, however it has been reported that Fisher have a huge amount of money behind them and will do anything to gain promotion.


What do people think about clubs like Fisher who are prepared to spend as much cash as necessary? Let them get on with it or impose a wage cap for the good of other teams in the division and for the protection of the club wanting to spend loads???

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Rich and vein Chairmen will spend money to inflate their egos and teams will move upwards.


However the Chairman my get bored or his company may go bust and then you have the "Hornchurch" senario.


However if you are a "rich" club like AFC Wimbledon and have a large stable base of fans, in it for the longterm good of the club you can maintain sustained progression.


AFC also are not paying silly money in wages, so get loyal players unlike the mercenaries who will chase the vein and cash rich Chairman who they see as an easy payday and then move on when the money runs out.


As RR states there will never be a pay cap as at this level there are too many wide boy chairmen!

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If there are "too many wide boy chairmen" why cant we find one in that category---wide boy is at least better than absentee!


I just got back after spending much of the last two weeks away on business to find that the news(or lack of it) is no different to a fortnight ago.


Quite depressing really !

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Dom,I've just realised that Roger spends his life winding people up and its not worth getting angry about. Lets face it if some rich man wants to put his money into STFC would we all be against it.



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It depends whether money is spent on infrastructure or just player wages. If money was pumped into STFC to get us a home, slowly improve those facilities and allow us to build a sustainable revenue stream for the future then that would be fantastic.


If it was just a case of throwing inflated wages at players with even more inflated ego's then I'd rather not accept it in the first place as that bubble inevitably just goes bang after a while. The approach of AFC Wimbledon in living within their means for the division they're in is a good model for all clubs to follow in a similar situation.

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Lewes is an excellent example but they have the benefit of a home ground.


AFC Wimbledon are a good model but they have the advantage of 3,000 fans who are seeing them rapidly progress through the leagues. They have a completely steady income which they can budget on.

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