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Fed up of waiting for the fixtures. I have been on the league forum, the general consensus is thursday the 14th. I have tried to wait to organise a break until the fixtures were out but alas i couldnt leave it any longer.Why as it taken so long?.Not over proffesional.They say the web site wo'nt be up and running until early august.Anyway,Onwards and Upwards. Friendly fixtures now on Club web site.

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I guess the friendlies are all about getting match fitness and looking at new players/trialists etc but I'm a tad disappointed with the friendlies fixtures - all opposition being a grade or two below us in the "pyramid". Maybe the fact that we can't have a home match pre season has a bearing but it would have been good for the players to be tested against either league or at least conference opponents (i.e. Welling/Gravesend). Also, is this a definitive list as we do not have a game from 31 July to 08 Aug? Would be good to arrange one for Sat 06 Aug. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

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It may not be practical but one home game should be played purely to test facilities,'crowd control, pitch etc.


It would be very embarrassing if something serious went wrong at a league match, or more likely, the pitch cuts up.

At least if pitch is tested on say first sat in August and there is a problem we get a couple of weeks `to repair it .

If it goes wrong in a league match, we could be fined i guess

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From Rymans League

"An update on the publication of next season's fixtures.


Work is currently ongoing with the Sema Computer System to prepare a first draft of next season's fixture lists. Unfortunately they are running behind schedule with our production, and I do not expect to be in a position to publish them until week beginning Monday, 11th July."


They should be released within next 48 hours.

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