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job interview

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once I wanted to get time off to go to an interview,so I rung my boss at the time, he wont grant it, so I rung him a week later saying I had to have a dentist appointment,but in fact I was going to the interview, once out of site and as I was working in kent and living in Essex, I changed in the toilets at the Dartford Tunnell, went to the interview, back to the toilet block to change back into work clothes and returned to work, met by the boss saying pity you didnt make the dentist, how was the interview and here is a verbal warning for lying.


I left anyway later the following month, but didnt get the job, I risked everything for.

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I thought the classic occured during the British Open Golf at St. Andrew's last week.


Camera pans into a lovely beach-shot of a man practice driving on the shore so Peter Aliss can come up with one of his witties.


Unfortunately, the guy had phoned in 'sick' and it just happened that his boss was watching the golf at the time.


Now't like stitching yerself up !! <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/bootyshake.gif" alt="" />

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