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Eton Manor boys have a read and make yourself laugh.......


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Just seen this on the Romford forum...



Lightweight said:

The lads were dire so were Eton Manor,but I think they deserved the win.


That old bint of a lineswoman came up with the biggest pile of pony decisions I've seen in a long time. If I ever see her and her cellulite legs again it will be to soon.



We were dire apparently????????

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are you a player EMFC?? why dont you PM ian_w and see if you can add an eton manor forum. the more the merrier. im sure you can moderate it!!!

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We always welcome clubs - as you say the more the merrier.


All we need is two things...


A decent moderator (got to keep BN1 under control wink.gif )

A website to link the forum to - not essential but preferable.


BTW - just a reminder if anyone is linking to the forums - please use http://www.nonleague.co.uk/esl - that will link directly to the ESL section.

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