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Will Fifa 2006 be better than Pro Evo 5??

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im downloading the demo to see what its like but the only new league is the polish league.


not many rest of the world teams! mostly greek, south african and czech but oh well.


screenshots dont look that good to be honest




but they do have proper licensed adidas and umbro boots now.





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I would think so as they cover the leagues down to Conf South/North.


Wonder whether you'll be able to manage at Ryman/Doc Martens level.


Going back to the original subject prefer Pro Evo to Fifa. Pro Evo in my opinion is far superior.

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gnfc superb said:
If you mean Fifa -no <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> http://footballcommunity.ea.com/content.php?i=23

Ah well never mind. I'll have to settle with turning Carlisle in to a dominante Premeirship force again on FIFA. Successive promotions at first time of asking, then Champions of England.

Following season put the difficulty up a level and then got relegated so they fired me. Pathetic.

Also I understand you can create your own teams so there maybe room for Liam Daish's Barmy Army just yet.

I'll get Pro Evo as well though. Both games for the the first time.

And anyway to me having the Mexican league in there is more important then the Conference.

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