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Beck-Sven? I fear for the worst

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So how good are we in beating third world football side Wales


Beckham holding in front of the defence? The Brazil, German and Argy players will be holding silent prayer meetings that it is to be permanent

Wright-Phillips must have a long term selection in the wide right position, Joe Cole will be tumbled by the better sides and continually forced inside and unloaded


Wayne Rooney is possibly in the top three players in world football playing in the hole behind a main striker, so we play him (in one competitive game) on the shoulder of the last defender, outside left and then outside right


Ashley Cole has periods of defensive frailty and needs a strong wide player to share the defending and cover his runs forward, possibly Barry of Villa (Joe Cole to the subs bench)


Lampard and Gerard are potential world-class players BUT will not develop (in the short time left) until Beckham is moved out of their mid-field area (drop Beckham or one of Lampard or Gerard)

Against Wales Beckham continually passed over and around both mid-fielders leaving them out of the move


A recent sense of foreboding for me but with Beckham and Sven joined at the hip I fear for the worst come the big players in the world cup finals

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Also, Gerrard and Lampard don't convince me as a midfield pairing, neither is disciplined enough to hold, and are pretty similar in style. I would give Gerrard the nod and put a proper defensive midfielder beside him, main candidates Carrick and what would be my choice, Parker. We should play 4-4-1-1 and I wouldn't mind Joe Cole on the left in that formation and play Rooney just off of Owen.

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Wayne Rooney, pabird ? Don't make me laugh !


He's yet to learn how to keep his dummy in his mouth !

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Moo said:
Nothing wrong with Rooney at all. He's too busy scoring to have time to worry about a dummy.

Yes !! But who with ???????????????????
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Lets consider a physically tough lowley educated highly skilled young man who played in his natural position just behind the main striker is up there with any young Brazil player

So play him as the main striker then move him to outside right then move him to outside left then move him back to wide right and all in one single game

He was entitled to tell Beckham to join the FO, it was to accomodate Beckhan that all the changes were made and even the ill educated boy could understand that and feel the pressures that himself, Lampard and Gerard were put under to accomodate teachers pet

Strange to tell but in a most tension ridden local derby against Man City he held his nerve and never "lost it"

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