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3 new strikers


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Bit on McGowan from a Gooner website...


Gavin is a ex-England schoolboy who has made speedy progress after joining us in the summer of 1992. Gavin made his first team debut back in 1993 and has made a few more since. He played a important role in the 1994 F.A Youth Cup victory. McGowan, who was born in Blackheath on January 16, 1976, can play on both flanks or as a defensive midfielder.

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Sounds good on paper. Just have to wait and see if their talent is as good as their pedigrees. Good news anyway. Wonder if they will all take part tonight, if any do that is. Have to wait and see I suppose. Something else to look forward to tonight.

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Gavin McGowan -utility...Corbett is ex-Gills, Blackburn and Southend. Was a brilliant prospect at Gills not so long ago when they were pushing for promotion from League One. Signed for Blackburn as an 18-year old for 500k. He's 25 now.





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margateshot said:
If any of these sign permanantly I can see no future here for Darren Watson. He just hasn't performed at all this season.

i have to agree DW has had some great moments in a gate shirt but he seems to take 1 step forward then 2 back, but maybe there could be a role for him as that late sub that he really does excel at.

I guess it comes down to how much he is costing the club and if it could be maintained in are squads budget.
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Wow !!


Hope all goes well tonight.


At the risk of being shot down in flames, i still think the real weakness in the team is in defence,and again hope it does not manifest itself tonight.

(promise not to say told you so)


In our previous successful years CK always built from the back(as have all successful sides) so bit surprised at all these forward signings.


Maybe CK thinks best form of defence is attack-not a view i subscribe to but he's the managewr so hope he is correct.


Up the Gate

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The best form of defence IS attack, surely, MM. However we are still not quite there yet but its getting there. Defence strong but once again it will be with the midfield in there there too. Nothing wrong with that just so long as those midfielders, when the ball goes upfield push up quickly to support those up front and collect any ball that may come out from the defence.This also gives the defence a breather.

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