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Top 5 Tunes

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These is the music that's rocking the Zeal house at the moment...


1. Polyphonic Spree - Celebrate/Have A Day from 'The Beginning Stages of...'

2. Graham Coxon - Ain't No Lie from 'The Kiss Of Morning'

3. Nirvana - You Know You're Right from 'Nirvana'

4. The Coral - Dreaming Of You single

5. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Spread Your Love single


What are other readers' top 5 tunes at the moment??

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1. Libertines 'I Get Along' ('up the bracket' album)


2. Supergrass 'Grace' ('Life On Other Planets' album)


3. Zero 7 'Distractions' ('Simple Things' ok it's not rock, but it's a good chillout)


4. Foo Fighters 'One By One' ('One by One' album)


5. Radiohead 'The Morning Bell' ('Kid A')


An odd mix I know, but I have mixed tastes, looking to find some soothing music after last nights debacle, turns out Kingstonian are quite good and playing your third choice keeper against them is ill advised.

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1. Daddy Christmas - Who's the daddy now from the CD Ding Dong live

2. Spinning Wheel - The Cresent single

3. Don't Mug Yourself - Streets single

4. PWEI-sation - Pop Will Eat Itself from the CD Wise Up Sucker - The best of Pop Will Eat Itself

5. The Colin Toms & Tony DelaFou Internet Radio Shows 1-7 Various mini-discs and at www.phoenixfm.com

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Today's playlist as brought to you by the Grand High Aviator of Cool includes such classics as:


  • Mr. Brownstone - Guns N Roses
  • Sweet Child o' Mine - Guns N Roses
  • The People - The Music
  • Pretty Baby - Del Amitri
  • Dreamy Days - Roots Manuva
  • The Man Who Sold The World - Nirvana
  • Heavy Metal Drummer - Jeff Tweedy
  • California - Phantom Planets
  • Better Ways To Self Destruct - Easyworld


amongst others anyway....

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