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Stewards today

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The attitude & behaivour of the "stewards" was an absolute disgrace.

Such a shame a few jobsworths in uniform were intent on showing us how important they thought they were.


Also noticed something of interest on page 7 of the programme.


<blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font><hr>

We hope that you have enjoyed your visit to Edgeley Park. However, if you have experienced anything that you feel is unsatisfactory or, indeed, have any ideas on how we can improve things, please contact Steve Bellis c/o Stockport County Football Club,

Edgeley Park, Hardcastle Road, Edgeley, Stockport, SK3 9DD




Mr Bellis will be hearing from me first thing Monday morning!!


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On Marions board they referred to "Gobshites" so have took liberty of letting them know about their steward being ejected! and arrested I believe. Half our lot ejected, were "pulled" initially for refusing to sit down after being asked to do so 3 times. Interestingley they gave up on that during 2nd half when they could not get home fans to sit behind the goal. The whole attitude was confrontative and started before Kick off. I do wonder whether they lacked the intelligence to recognise up for banter, North western idiots.

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When we were ejected we went over to the pub across the road full of Stockport fans, none of them hooligans, none of them looking for trouble, all really top blokes who made us feel welcome. Some of them have kids that go to the game and now they have to go with their uncles and such, why? They are all banned from home games because of standing up and so forth. They all said the people of Stockport don't go because of the stewards, the stewards ruin it for everyone and no-one at the club seems to realise.

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I was within 4 seats of the first of the many guys to be ejected and the lad (possibly in his early twenties?) did nothing in anyway that could have been deemed offensive or dangerous! I did not realised that singing while standing at the back of the stand was a crime, if it is I got away with it doing it on frequent occasions! This lad's, and many others day was ruined due to some 'self important' stewards.

I was disgusted by the whole situation and I am tempted to ALSO write and complain.

Anyway, a great atmosphere was created yesterday and my kid and myself had a great day out! Thanks to everyone who helped create it.

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