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Jimmy Johnstone

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I think I'm right in saying it was Jimmy's goal that sadly started the Ibrox disaster . Celtic scored in the closing moments of the game and many Rangers fans were exiting the ground ,Then suddenly deep into stoppage time Rangers equalised and hundreds came flooding back in up the steps and a crush of bodies left many dead 70 0dd I think. A talent in his day and a member of the lisbon lions of 67 . like peter osgood he died 20 years before his time.

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I rememeber the Euro Cup S/F of 1974. In the 1st leg Celtic were kicked off the park by Athletico Madrid (who had a number of Argies in their team). Madris had three sent off but still managed to hold on for a 0-0.


Anyway at the end of the game about six Madrid players formed a ring around Johnstone and started attacking him. Anyway wee Jimmy was not having none of it and fought them all off.


Madrid should have been kicked out of the competition, but instead UEFA did its usual and just banned the guilty players from the second leg which Madrid won 2-0.

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