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Current hyped bands No.3: The White Stripes

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White Blood Cells, a very good Rock 'n' Roll album, I'd give it 7.5 out 10, definately worth a listen. It has a raw basic sound and Jack white making all kinds of noises, but it's not just hype, there is some impressive content.


They're Brother and Sister (though being from the deep south they may be more than just that)


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Didn't see they first lot, no. I think Robert Plant was on the same time as someone else I wanted to see, can't remember who, but I'd already seen him at th Isle of Wight Festival earlier this year.

Faithless were on before Coldplay wern't they, they were absolutly brilliant.

Didn't see Roger Waters but did see Queen's of the Stone Age.


I tended to see more bands on the other stage than the main stage.

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