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Dear Deirdre - MAD

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MAD, has your mum re-married up in Lincolnshire. Only I saw this letter in Dear Deirdre in The Sun today, and couldn't help think of you!!


Dear Deirdre,


My 13-year-old stepson is becoming lazy and aggressive and I don't know how to handle it.


My wife works full-time and her son sits on the computer until she comes home, then demands food and drink.



I think it's about time you started appreciating your mum a bit more, MAD. How about doing some housework mate, and helping her around the house a bit.


What does everyone else think of MAD's disgraceful behaviour at home??

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"Your wife should be the main person disciplining your stepson, though you need to agree boundaries. When he is trying to wind you up, just walk out of the room..." Blah blah blah...


I prefer your suggestion.


I think MAD should think himself lucky he has a mother who cares for him and looks after him, and stop treating their home like a hotel.

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