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Protheroe to Welling?


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Apparently Proths is set to join Welling in the close season.


He is a kingpin of our revival. I am hearing he might stay if Trotty is given the reins.


Come on you directors! Appoint Trotty and do whatever it takes to get Protheroe on board for next season.

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I think keeping Protheroe is vital. If I were in charge I would happily put aside a chunk of the budget to keep Proths at the club. He is so important. Deadball skills, leadership, attitude. His winning mentality rubs off on everyone. Likewise I think Trotty is he man to persuade him to stay such is the respect everyone has for RT. With Proths and Trotty I think we can win things.

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Prothers please stay.


Can some of our more youthful fans (not being aged), get a bannner to hang out at the Hendon game.


Many clubs have a separate fund which supporters chip into to assist in funding a specific player

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TonyM said:
Its always bleeding welling,half of the GATE side have gone to that bleeding club,there boss must be a GATE fan,and a effing parasite <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/devil.gif" alt="" />

He is actually a very nice bloke to talk to, and would do his best for whichever club he was at.
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