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Cant you count. Look at your first posting.Can we ever win with you? If we have signed some of Canveys reserves I would expect their wages are less than first team players.Maybe Jeff has done that to curb your jealousy/fasination with our team.

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Why the obsession? read your last post. eg'little' club./ 'prostituting yourselves'


Strange comments to make. check my postings and you will see I have not made 1 negative comment about Billericay and I have said previously to TC(i think)hope you do well or good luck for next season something along those lines.


There are a small number of City and Ricay fans (and I include you ) you seem intent on ruining relations between both of our Clubs. i cannot wait for the season to start and I hope that all the essex clubs have a good seaon as it will reflect well on our County.

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GazzaBTFC said:
nws...chip? Don't think so...

So how many players from the first team followed JK?

Before you bore us all with nibble nibble I only base my answer on facts Gazza. Of the players we are believed to have signed here is your answer

Chenery 36 first team starts
Ward 30
Minton 38 (in talks)
Duffy 29
Ibe 21
Hallett 18
Mckinney 19
Noto 15
Conroy 8

Gazza do you not accept that players making this many appearances between them a) doesnt make them "canvey reserves" and B) the fact that they have played at a level significantly higher than ryman premier standard will make us very strong contenders this season.

A simple yes or no will suffice and i'll leave it at that.
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How much can you get us on for at 33/1 Ryan !!


In all seriousness I only recognise a few of your squad and i do think this season the money seems to be being tossed around like confetti.


Allegedly Roscoe D'Sane is at AFC W and he is a top non league striker and Jason Hallett is someone who was very highly rated at Conf Level by your friends down at Canvey


I just hope your squad rises to this level as on paper the quality isnt up there with a few clubs it would appear


Then again you know your own players better than most so you may have a reply to this worth discussing in further detail.

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Only results and the fullness of time will determine whose squads are up to it. Roscoe D'Sane WAS a top non-league player with injury nearly robbing him of his career. I doubt AFCW will get a full season out of him. Jason Hallett is unproven, otherwise he would still be in the Conference, unless of course there has been some serious money waving going on!

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Good answer sean....


Our squad are the same as last season, bar a couple of new signings. Nice to see a settled squad at Billericay, means that, unlike some teams, we're not "starting" again but can build on last years performance. That may be the reason we're 5/1.


Time will tell.

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True and your record when Matt Jones took over probably matched the top 2 or 3 sides.


I think we will know fairly early on whether the "settled sides" or the "money sides" will be the front runners.


One things for sure I cant see us having the start we have had in the last 2 seasons with 1 win each season from the first 10 games....

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Ryan.c said:
Jason Hallett is unproven, otherwise he would still be in the Conference.

Ask the teams he scored against last season how unproven he is, in particular Grays and Dagenham. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
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