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'"Celebrity" Love Island'. It's back!!


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Right. Some of you may remember that I invited your assistance concerning the identity of some of the global superstars on last year's version of this cultural masterpiece.


I caught some minutes of the second series last night and here are a couple of 'starters for ten':


1. The girl presenter is someoneorother Cotton who appears to dye the roots of her blond hair black. Is she 'Dot' from one of the soaps?


2. Is the band 'The Streets', the same band what used to be called 'The Manic Street Preachers'? I thought they were all Welsh. If 'No', what genre are the Streets?


3. Who is the 12 year old boy?


4. Is that the same Irishman who was on it last year, but with more tattoos?


5. Has the short blond girl been disfigured in a terrible fire?


More to follow.

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Nelsonn? Have you undergone an Electric Soul-like metamorphosis, AFF?


Yes, who is the 12-year old in his PE vest? Runs a mile when any of the girls (most of whom are old enough to be his mum) even get within 50 yards.


And which is the Asian girl from Eastenders? Apologies if there is only one Asian girl, I haven't been able to give it my 100% attention, unfortunately.

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