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Well I was chatting with the bro in law (he's a noggin) and we were saying how we could install the gadget in his folks place and hey presto, norweigen zatherday foosballher!!


Baa doom.


I just need to know if it's possible....

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By the looks of the advertised features, I see no reason why it wouldn't be possible. The only legal stipulation in the UK is that you have a TV licence to receive TV broadcasts and as with other things, new technology has seemingly exploited a loophole here in that broadband can take advantage of foreign TV rights and there's little UK lawmakers can do it about it at the moment.


I did read that you can only have one connection at a time though, so you couldn't watch Match of the Norway (ta-da!) in Hornchurch while your bro in law was trying to connect somewhere else.

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