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Fecking NTL

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Has anyone else lost all there tv channels because of the upgrade of service.


Apparently over 7000 customers are effected and the engineers do not know how to rectifify the problem.Ntl are saying that it could be out until monday.

Good time to switch to Sky methinks.

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Do not, under any circumstances, join NTL or Tiscali for that matter. Was with the former for one year when I was a student and had a heck of a time resolving the issue of the 'lost' box. After numerous arguments and threats of legal action by those retarded idiots at NTL it was discovered that when the twot of an engineer replaced my box with a new one (why they needed a new box I don't know) he put the old one in a box to return to NTL but then left it in the corner of the room.


I have heard numerous other anti-NTL stories so let this be a warning to anyone looking to get cable or the internet.

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