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I really enjoyed the Electric Soft Parade album last year, and I'm really getting into the Libertines album at the moment.

For a really old album that no-one ever listens to try and get Self Abused by S*M*A*S*H. In my opinion an absolute classic!

Athlete's album could well be worth getting as well I reckon, but I don't know when its out. Probably not in time for your Scotland jaunt.

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I wouldn't mind the Spaceman 3 album, cos I'm a big fan of Spiritualized.


Electric Soft Parade I was meant to be getting for Christmas, but didn't in the end, so I may get that one.


The "Deborah" and "never suited ya" line came about because Jarvis had originally called the subject of his song Gloria. However, he had to change it when people realised it blatantly ripped off another song called "Gloria" (by Laura Branigan?) and added the "never suited ya" bit as an after-thought.





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Beta Band - The 3 EPs, they're from Scotland as well.


The Vines - Highly Evolved, one of the albums of last year.


Zero7 - Simple Things, one of the best chill out albums going.


Foo Fighters - One by One, jolly good rock album.


Super Furry Animals - Mwng, it may all be in welsh but it's great.


Nada Surf - Let it Go, a very good little rocky album.


just a suggestion


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Got to agree with Ted about S*M*A*S*H (didn't Amanda used to go out with someone who babysat for one of them?), but I'm not sure CZ would like them. Same comment applies for Manu Chao, although he is very good. I would suggest any Puressence album, although I know you'll never be persuaded. Perhaps the only thing that would really keep you and your wife happy would be YOUR greatest hits album? Have you finished it yet? Perhaps everyone on the board could have a free copy as a sort of marketing campaign.

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Salv from S*M*A*S*H is now in Jim's Super Stereoworld and hes a top old boy. I am his replacement if he ever gives up his second job which is DJ at the HIghbury Garage. We have each others numbers, just another pop star buddy.


CZ what did you think of the Cresent? You can pop round if you want and skank some of my CDS for your trip if need be!

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