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up to date league table??


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Funnily enough Frankie I heard the same from someone who works as a youth coach at Ramsgate. The subject was brought up at a youth meeting last week and they asked if anyone knew anything more. I was asked the next day and I said that I thought talk of switching the game was dead in the water now as we heard from Malcolm at the meeting two months or so ago that the league wouldn't allow it. I was a bit surprised this rumour was coming up again now.

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The newspapers are all accurate. They just dont include all the games. One paper included all the results from Saturday but didnt include it in the bloody league table. Very confusing...


The rumour is old and it was killed at the open meeting. I still hear it and to be honest Id rather it was at HDP, but the league says nope.

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Rob_Butler said:
Well you really have got me laughing tonight, if you carry on like this DJW you will get in my sig. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/applaus.gif" alt="" />

Now that made ME laugh Rob!.Watch him,watch what you say Danny,he really will.His signature needs changing dosent it Rob,as it dosent really have much impact & dosent really hurt us in the slightest. He's on the lookout for change so beware what you say!
Rob,are you SURE its all ticket? Seems a bit O.T.T.if you ask me!(I know you're not asking me)
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I never said it was all ticket. But tickets will be on say prior to avoid congestion at the turnstiles.


"Suppporters of the Boxing day match will be segregated. If I've had time the ickets for that match will be on sale here today and may be on sale at other venues around the town prior to the game - listen out for more details of the venues and for confirmation of the expected 1pm Kick Off"


Steve Redford 25th November B/W prog. By venues he ment of "ticket exchanges", not Heartsdrown Park or Southwood!

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