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Please come down to Tivoli today if you are interested, we will be there from 12 noon onwards till around 4. We are low on numbers, really need some of you guys to come down and show us what your made of!

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Training today now cancelled due to a lack of participants, hope everyone is ready for next weeks game against Whitstable, we are still looking for players, if anyone is interested PM me or post on this thread.

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Well at the moment it's looking like this


Kev James Kieran Alex

Reece Porka Andy Mark

Butler Dan

Still it would be nothing short of a miracle if everyone on that team sheet turned up! Thats why we need your help!

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The Whitstable game is this coming Sunday, the 3rd of December. All players need to be there by 12:45 and are to meet at the Hartsdown Road end of the ground. Kits are still being sorted out but I will keep everyone posted with regards to that.

TBM - Left Winger <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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djw said:
Mark do you need any nore players ??

Sure Danny, if you want to play then join us on Sunday at the Hartsdown Road end of the ground at around 12:45. The game will be rolling subs, so if anyone gets really knackered we'll be covered.
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Nice one Danny, I'll be in the teabar at the next 2 home games, although i'll be on the terraces with the drum for the last 15 mins. Come up and introduce yourself, will be nice to put a name to a post.

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