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The forthcoming weather check


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Imo may not be a bad thing if game is postponed.


Some may argue that 'we are on a roll' so lets be havin them,but i would sugest that all good things come to an end, and playing on wet pitches will have taken its toll physically, but above all mentally ,and the guys need a bit of a breather to regroup,catch breath and come out refreshed for saturdays game.


Staines have had a bit of a break so will be raring to go,whereas we have had alot of games in a short period, and Tuesday could just be one game too many.

I also think some of the ex- Gravesend players have contributed their time and energies today in a worthy cause for an ex Gravesend player-currently quite ill- in a benefit game for him , which whilst it is more important than our search for league points, may have tired a few further, so again,imo, a postponement of Tuesdays game may be to our long term benefit

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I see its only Skinner & Jacko playing there today michael but you may have a point. Personaly I would be disapponted not to have the game played on Tuesday.Mind you its not me playing out there is it? Hard one to call.Saturday was a day I thought it might be a blessing to have an aborted game but that worked out in our favour so why cant Tuesday. Whatever happens on Tuesday,play or no play we still have another important game at home on Saturday & whichever one,if not both, are played then I am looking forward to it immensely.

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