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Who's laughing now?

Joe White

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I notice that the early season criticism of both Jeff and Glen, when it was suggested that they couldn't care and spent their time laughing and joking, appears to have ceased.

Perhaps the critics (can't remember who they were) would like to review their words, or could it be that our management team are still laughing and joking, but with good reason. Maybe they have had a sneak preview of the end of season league table and watched an early recording of the Trophy final of 2003!!!!!!!

How times change from the "Jeff must go" postings I read earlier this season.

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Lets be realistic, it was obviously someone from another club trying to wind us up and with a couple of the supporters it may have partially worked. We all know what the situation is at our club and anyone who did make a response it was obviously out of frustration and not meaningfull(does that sound right?).

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I still believe that at times Jeff and Glenn could have been less cheerful after losing games. There have been times when all of the supporters are sitting there miserably, while Kingy's getting the beers in with a smile on his face. This has no bearing on how the team is performing, it's just that it would be nice to think that he was as upset as we are after games like Slough etc

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I was the one who originally remarked about Jeff and Glen having a laugh and joke so let me explain.It was as Vic suggested out of pure frustration and not a critisism of their ability.

I stand by the dugouts and when we are losing 2-0 with 20 minutes to go and I am pissed off up to the eyeballs I get annoyed when I see them sharing a joke as I feel they should be as pissed off as me.I agree with CANV that it pays to have a cheerful constitution but not many of us are happy when we are losing!

So once again it was me airing my frustration,also I could be mistaken but I dont think I have ever seen a comment on this forum saying "Jeff must go ".

Just one more comment for ANDY P,you dont have to live on the Island to support the Gulls,I live in Basildon and have supported them home and away for the last 5 years and feel just as passionate about the Club as you Islanders

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