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Hakim FA verdict

Webbo MFI

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Statement from St Albans City Football Club:


"The FA have now made their decision in respect of the Paul Hakim case and have ruled that the player IS contracted to St Albans City Football Club.

The club is content that the FA have ruled in its favour but considers that there are no winners in the whole saga. The club are now considering its options on the matter."




And from the Obs...


'City's stance vindicated


ST ALBANS CITY have received confirmation from Football Association that Paul Hakim is contracted to the Clarence Park club.


Following Weymouth's alleged illegal approach for the nine-goal striker, The FA initially said they had no record of Hakim's contract which left the player free to join the Terras. However, the latest development means the club can now command a fee for the player.


"It's good news for us and confirms we have done nothing wrong," said club chairman John Gibson. "The big issue is what to do with the player now."'




Maybe he'd make a good matchday steward? Or serve in the 'effing' bar?

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Jolly good.


If I understand the position correctly, then, we went to the F.A. and said "Oi! Sir Trevor. First of all, please confirm that Paul Hakim is under contract to us. Second of all, the Muff have either a). approached a contracted player who is kicking a ball about with them on training nights even though he is under contract to us, or B). have made an illegal approach to a (technically) non-contract player without going through the formalities of a seven-day approach thing, and in either case, would you like to do sopmething about it?


So the answer to the firsat question is "Yes, he is contracted to The Mighty Saints".


Is there any indication of when we can expect an answer to the second bit?


Gibbo will be pleased.

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lauraxgraham said:
are we likely to have an evening game during w/c 18th dec in any of our other competitions, eg if we beat oxhey jets and/or bishops stortford? i'm trying to book myself up for that week to avoid a work's party...!

Only likely game would be 19th Dec, I think, if we had a Trophy replay against Stortford.
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