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Bill Kent

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What happened? The lino running their forward line must have fallen asleep ten minutes into the game thereby missing a blatant offside. Then the referee awarded them a free kick for a 50-50 challenge from which they scored. (good goal mind you). They had five shots on goal and three of them counted. We didn't appear to have any setpiece strategy, as did Kiddy


On todays showing, I feel that there is no way are we are going to lose players to the league.


Disapointed with Ross today, he seemed to have lost a little of the zest that he usually shows, as does Charlie.


We are still suffering with the long aerial ball syndrome, We all know that balls into the area of a giant goalstopper stand no chance of our forwards converting.


Sorry to whinge guys but I took two West Ham sups

with me today and took some stick after telling them how good we are. One of them said the difference in footballing prowess was that West Ham kick the ball higher than we do. But we are cheaper to watch. They may be back you never know. All depends on the Stevenage game.


Never mind, not a bad gate today. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/applaus.gif" alt="" />


I now await the inevitable insults to my post from the blinkered. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />

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A while ago I suggested that we'd need to be near the top of the table for a few weeks to attract a lot more neutrals.


Now it seems that even that isn't satisfactory, and maybe only a run of weeks at the very top will do.

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some players seem to have lost their spark, sign of a good manager is knowing when to freshen things up, strikers look like they need a break and midfield all played the same type of way,flat 3 across the middle, nobody got forward or got in to space to play which would stop the long high ball, until debolla got on the ball in the last 15 mins.2nd goal came from blackwood getting behind non defensive keeling.on chances created game could have been 6-6

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