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Saturday's game! Spidermanor - Lato

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centre mid... how comes he put u in there?

im suspended at the moment, sent off in the last 10 mins of our vase defeat a few weeks ago!

but i've been playing well and im enjoying it more coz im feeling a lot fitter!

we've got a very young talented squad, on our day we can beat any1 at this level, but we lack consistancy and a bit of experience which might stop us finishing in the top 3.

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Alright blues06! We missed you on Sat mate.


First half was ok, played good football in patches and went in 1-1. Second half was up in the air all game. I touched the ball three times before I scored (boom!). Third goal was excellent mate, around about 10 passes and then an excellent finish from Atkin.


I doubt I can play on Wednesday, my achilles is really sore! When are you back playing mate?




I did have a surreal moment with the ref in that game....He came up to me (during the match) and asked 'Am I Blues06?' - Their skipper looked at me and the ref in a very strange manner! The ref comes on here but wouldn't give me his name.

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Spidermanor said:
blues06 said:
wens marlon king back?

Next season, he's done his knee.

Happens to the best of us!
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Even game that could have gone either way really . We maybe had the better of the first half but didn't take our chances and you then defended well and scored two goals in the final twelve minutes. Third goal was a nice team goal well worked but you could have driven a bus through our defence at that point.

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The ref from Ruislip V Broxbourne!


I do not post on here normally as it is not exactly the done thing!!!


However, I do like to keep in touch with what is happening in the league and if I can strike up a conversation with a player (or players) about something to do with their club then I find the players respond well? (This is obviously one method of seeing what is going on!) Both Frankie BB and the Ruislip captain (Jason) talked to me pretty much all game! If you can get talking to a few players in the game it makes life easier when you have to make that difficult decision!!!


Lato - please could you explain this to Jason! Was going to explain it in the bar to him - but he was not there?



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thanks Ref. I wasn't in the bar afterwards either. I know our manager reads this forum so he'll pass the info on to Jason.

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