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Contentious issues

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No. 1 on an issue where I confess to being an enthusiastic amateur rather than an expert, namely the beautiful game itself. I know Andy & Phil favour adapting the team's formation to suit the opposition, in fact as much was said during the Radio Moscow commentary on the Dover game.


I think the management do an excellent job in monitoring the opposition & this was a crucial element in securing our promotion last season. I'm all in favour of countering perceived threats & taking advantage of weaknesse. However, if we take this to its logical conclusion aren't we in danger of letting the opposition dictate how the game is played, thereby playing to their strengths rather than our own? If our strongest formation is, say, 442 (which it always was, but may not be any more, with the current personnel) is it really the best option to switch to 352 or 532 because that matches the opposition? Shouldn't we be looking to assert our style of play on the other side?


Absolutely not a knock at the management. Just a question for debate. If Andy reads it, I'm quite happy for him to shoot down my reasoning in his next posting.


No. 2 Now on this one I do claim to be an expert. A few months back, I opened up quite a long thread when I suggested a no smoking area &, more importantly, real ale for the club house. Amongst the replies was one from Webmeister, Dave, saying that he'd been told that the Club had spoken to Courage & plans were being made to bring in some of the real stuff. I was impressed with the speed of the Club's response & said as much.


Except .... We still ain't got no real ale chaps. It's lager, Guiness or keg Courage Best (or John Smith's smooth if you're one of those rare people who can drink the stuff without sudden uncontrolled projectile vomiting.) What happened? Did they want us to take too much? Were the choices on offer too limited? Did the bar staff object to what they saw as an over-complication of their job?


Anyone know anything?



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Hirsty, old boy


Deliberately omitted all references to the apple brew, knowing it would provoke you into a response.


Still waiting for replies re. my comments on on what I see as an unnecessarily timorous approach to the opposition on the pitch & some account as to the apparent shelving of the apparently well supported real ale 'campaign in the Club House.'



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