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Last Night

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no idea to be honest.. i just think we left ourself too much to do and cant avoid that dip in form/luck whatever u call it that all teams have at some stage.. i would go for the shots but hendon could keep banging out the results.. coming back from 3-1 down is chanmionship form.. also despite you saying the saints have been crap for 2 months you are still only a few points off the leaders! that is also chamionship behaviour

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Hi CZ.


I have no doubt that if you knew who I was/am err....that is, if you knew my identity, and if you came into the clubhouse after a game and if you looked at me, you would know immediately whether we had won or lost.


Without criticism, not least as we are all different, I have observed that this cannot be said of the players, as a rule.


Well last night in the clubhouse, they were very, very disappointed. Believe me. I haven't seen it before to that degree. Bring on Enfield!


It's going to be good this season, Zealster.

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Without doubt, we can win it.


Sorry to talk in cliches, but there are 17 or 18 or whatever games left and, if I were a betting man, I would put my house on no team winning all of their remaining games.


One or more teams will put together a run now or very soon. I don't see Hendon, Purfleet or Sutton lasting the full course. Canvey are on a run but they have a way to come. By all accounts the 'Shots aren't playing well. 3 points last night or not, Billericay are cr@p.


Without tempting fate, I would say that it will be Canvey, Aldershot or us.


You were very critical here or on another thread Zealster. I thought that we played very good football against Hitchin on Saturday. The final ball into the box let us down, of course, but if we play like that every game, we won't drop many points.


Two new players are required and a rapid recovery from injury of at least one other.


Will we win it? Ask me on Saturday evening!

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I make you right in all probability it is between Saints.Shots and us outsiders Canvey

I also agree each will have minor blips

But I promise its been a long time since we have seen our players so determined across each set of 90 minutes, maybe just maybe coming up on the rails suits us better than being front runners

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