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left work at 3.pm went to gym .. got to benfleet at 5.30 , drank 3 pints of strong lager at pace . got home ate own body weight. will now commence destruction of bottle of red whilst surfing cable channels and attempting to do some work on p.c. rather than fk around on these websites..!

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GYM: after many years of observing office politics it has come to my attention that as long as you have a rucksack/gym bag over your shoulder you can walk out of the office for 2 plus hours at anytime and no one cares, people are even impressed.. say you are going to the pub for 2 hours and people disaprove.. combining the gym/pub run is an artform i have mastered to perfection, most lunchbreaks now are taken off peak and for a minimum of 2 hours...

whilst having progressed a fair way up the office foodchain im am always aware that no matter how big you think you are there is always someone bigger and harder.. therefore it always pays to 'play the game'..


until they sack you then you take a dump in the top mans desk drawer

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