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Hornchurch 0 Aveley 1


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A disappointing performance against a resolute Aveley side who ended our long unbeaten run.


Aveley's goal came after 37 minutes and from a break. Dave Cannon intercepted an upfield ball from Steve Carter and sped down the left hand side. Try as we might to stop their surge forward we weren't quite able to get the ball away and Arron Wright slotted home Video Clip . We nearly replied two minutes later when Danny Benstock blasted uncharacteristically over after a powerful run into the box by Steve Jones.


9 minutes into the second half Paul Wood had to scramble back to push over an amazing 60 yard effort from Aveley's Steve Dickinson and he had be on his toes with 15 minutes left, making a fine reaction save from a Carl Fannon effort. As we applied the pressure in the last 10 minutes a trio of headed chances fell to Steve Jones. The first came with 6 minutes left but was cleared by Ernie Bentley although it looked to have crossed the line. The others came with a few minutes to go but keeper Darren Smith was equal to both of them.


Line-up: Wood, Carter (Martin 62), Kimble, Gooding, Jopson, McGowan, Locke, Fox, Jones, Cripps, Benstock (Lowery 73). Subs not used: McDonald, Wray (GK)

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dunt be a pr**k dominickers...there was no riot... only a few kids disappointed at losing....good supporters for the future....few half empty bottles of water on the away dug out but who's complaining...only you...ha ha ha...'ere...by the way....we wus shitetoday...terrible.....i wus dreadin' comin' on 'ere...cor blimey...rite let orf...nice chap that you are........felt sorry for the ol' uncle didya....owe yous all one....ha ha ha...roll orn tuesday....

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Dont call me a prick uncle or i might have to turn nasty again but on the other thread it made the riot sound alot worse,maybe they were angry about the fact they weren't aloud in the bar,or maybe it was just because you got beat by a bunch of pikies(your words not mine.)

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we dunt let chavvies in the bar fatboy which is why you neva got in whens yous all came ova'ere...ha ha ha...surprised you found ya way 'ome....anyol'ows.....there wus nufink 'appenin at the ol' stad...jus a few kids upset like yous 'as all bin for a few weeks...ha ha ha different now fatsdo aint it...ha ha ha brown in now is it.....long way to go ...wees'll all see wuntwe....'ere..is wees all still above yous lot then.....

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