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Meridian TV

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Well I tried to get us a mention & to Iain McBride's credit, I got a response within 24 hours (and that includes a bank holiday), but heres his response to my request for mention of our fixtures & results (plus the Free Entry deal) :-


Many thanks for your email. I would love to be able to give more coverage to Gravesend but unfortunately the decision has been made not to cover clubs below the football league. A decision which I fought, but sadly lost.


However I will keep plugging away.


Good luck for the remaining games and I will try to sneak in mentions whenever possible.


Best wishes for the playoffs.








Iain McBride


Tel: 01622 614061






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Is this the case with BBC South East?


Watching tonight, they still had extensive coverage of Gillingham, Brighton and Charlton, when arguably only one of those teams really has anything to fight for in the remainder of the season, with the Gills and Brighton both 8 points clear of the relegation zone with four games to play. The next biggest team in the South East, the team who are in with a realistic shout of real success this year, a win off of the play-offs with a game in hand with the final to be staged at the world's finest stadium, didn't get a mention.


I know we've become used to it but it really got to me tonight , in light of our recent form and the ever-widening opportunity for league football at Stonebridge Road.

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I sent the same message to the BBC at the same time - they havent even bothered to respond! Following his reply, I responded to Iain McBride that I bet the powers that be will soon change their minds if we get to Wembley - & to give him his due, Iain responded by saying "Thats exactly what happened when Grays got close last year"!

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I suspect, however that the Beeb hae followed a similar line to Meridian -I noticed last week that the guy presenting the goals (after all the Southern based League sides had got positive results) - these sides did well, "and so did our 2 Conference sides" - I thought they might show some goals, but nothing more was said or shown.

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