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Importance of Next Saturday's Game

peter foster

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With Margate needing to get something out of the game at Melbourne Park on Saturday it might be worthwhile for the club to lay on free coach travel for fans to encourage as many as possible of the 1,676 who turned up on Bank Holiday Monday to make the journey. (I assume around 1,300 of the 1,676 were Margate fans.) 300 Margate fans packed into the terracing behind the City goal on Saturday could make all the difference.

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A big game Saturday, almost a 'must win'. Let's hope for a big following to get behind the boys.


On a positive note, a lot of our results have echoed the earlier meeting (eg AFCW 0-0/0-0, Heybridge 0-1/0-1, W&H 2-0/3-0, Leyton 4-0/5-1).


So I will go for 4-1 to us when the prediction thread gets going.

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Originally Posted By: peter foster
it might be worthwhile for the club to lay on free coach travel for fans

Thanyou for your very generous offer of providing the MIGHTY MARGATE fans of a free coach to MP on Saturday Peter. I am sure that as an Accountant you have worked out the financial benefits to Jeff King.wink

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