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Maidenhead V Slough-MATCH OFF


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Two weeks time !!!!!! LOL have not heard that one for a while .........he he he


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Given the cup tie was played in a monsoon on a swamp last season I think there must be more reason for this match being postponed. If it was because of a little bit of rain then the Magpies would never get a season completed. Is it because Sven has called up all their rubbish to play in the over 35's section of the match tomorrow night?

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I am sorry but this is [****!!****]. I work 300 yards from YorK Road. Hard to bear I know. When I went into work on the train this morning at 8:30am there were a few puddles but nothing significant AND someone was already working the pitch.


It did not start raining until gone 1pm and then there was nothing significant. When I left work at 5:30pm. No rain. Something funny is going on.

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OOH, that's it you've sussed us.


We were so scared of all your fantastic recent wins against the giants of Div 1. East Thurrock, Wembley, Hertford, Cove, The Litten Tree, Stoke Poges Under Nine's, that we couldn't face playing you.


Get real Slough. Look at how many Premier matches were off. All bar 2. Waterlogged pitch. End of.


After all, you'd have thought of nothing less, what with our appalling grass free sandpit, eh?!


First Division team, Premiership moaners.

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we wus told that it was called off so that the scottish magpies could descend in force from the outer regions of the highlands where Maidenhead traditionally draw their support from...ha ha ha...

well its better than watching scotland aint it...

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