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Ashford Towm (Middlesex)


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I thought Ashford put a up a great display against us on Saturday and we were lucky to get a point. Just goes to show how are they in the posistion they are in ? Probably comes down to consistency ? The other thing I would say is there fans behaved and supported without no bother at all ! Well done Ashford !!


P>S Thought the pitch was absoutley in prime condidtion on Sat ?

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Well if we want the win on Saturday its no good switching back no matter who's playing out there. We have to be forceful & go for the win rather than expecting it to just come to us. More work rate & more concerted pressure. Get an early goal & the nerves will be jangling over at East Thurrock,thats for sure.


I hope too that IF we ARE drawing or god forbid losing,

substitutions,forceful attacking substitutions are made well before 5 minutes are left on the clock. RT & MF must not be afraid to throw the kitchen sink at them if required & if we are in a situation that sees us failing on the day.


I agree with the above post though, that as we have done on several occasions we allowed an opposition to look much better than they are & no disrespect to Ashford but they werent THAT good but they took advantage of our failure to stamp our authority on the game,to close things down & to take our chances when they arose.

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