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Tilbury v Urchins - Score Updates

Serious Sid

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2. Ronnie FLETCHER

3. John PURDIE ©

4. Jimmy McFARLANE


6. Garry CROSS

7. Mark JANNEY

8. Alex FIDDES

9. Amos FOYEWA

10. Kris LEE

11. Simon PARKER





12. Ryan LEE

14. Dave SADLER

15. Ainsley GASPER

16. Adam PARKER

17. Billy CROWTHER





1. Neil

2. Gray

3. Harris

4. Alder

5. King

6. Reed

7. Simmons

8. Lambert

9. Jones

10. Smart

11. Senghore




12. Lions

14. Boyce

15. Aytimomiel

16. Adegokyns

17. Tolan



Referee: Mr. Ian Crouch

Lino 1: Mr. M. Lehane

Lino 2: Mr. T. Adebyo





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wot ho sidders.....can't make it to tilburger tonight so its me and thee and whoever else with updates from daggsy at tilbury...bitch at bromley (kent senior cup final bromley v's tonbridge) and baz at sudbury for their critical play off game against our friends from GWR... not to mention yanited as they seek a place in this years european champions league final....hampton and richmond who can win the ryman premier league title tonight and anyone else who wishes to join in including afcw fans if they are not to busy slagging off the ryman league officials on the isthmian forum.... grin

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Nice warm evening in the armpit of Essex known as Tilbury. Barracades up to hinder the progress of the Urchin Army as they make their way to the ground.




There was a pitch inspection at 7pm!!!!


Tilbury allegedly wanted to call the game off cos the pitch was TOO HARD!!!


What a joke!

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normal red and white stripes for us tonight and tilbury in normal black and white...tea bar still not open and I sent my regards to crossy who shouted back fck orf.... grin so its business as usual and no change there then and tony would be delighted to stop us reaching 100 points so it won't be easy but we are resilient and hard to beat..pitch is almost concrete hard I am told so we'll have to see....



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Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin
right then its all off at tilburger with urchins winning the toss and kicking towards the palais de palmbury AKA the clubhouse where danny cowley once reinacted the alamo bar room brawl of his hero john wayne... boxing

Bet the place still looks the same! laugh
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