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Why Cant The Ryman League Move On

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I find it amazing that the Ryman League have sent letters to all premier divison clubs to ask what punishment they think should be imposed on AFC Wimbledon. Do they not know that the FA ruling is unappealable?


Shame they can't ask what punishment they should get for not checking the document before clearing the player.


In addition, the punishment given to West Ham was a joke. Based on their crime, they should have been deducted points because it was way more serious than an administration error. In addition £5.5m is a fraction of the TV money they will receive if they stay up, so what punishment did they get in real terms. Sod All.

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I am not moaning about anything, merely giving an opinion.


West Hams punishment was their initial punishment, and is inconsistent with other punishments for the same thing. It should also be remembered that their punishment should have been doubled because they fielded two ineligible players.


They haven't appealled for obvious reasons. In addition, they are still playing an ineligible player because they don't own Tevez and he is not on loan.


I agree with with the Sky panel when they say had a point deduction been given to West Ham when it was discovered that they were fielding two ineligible players, they would have had a chance to save themselves. Because the FA made them wait for their hearing and its now the end of the season, the cowards at FA headquarters don't want to relegate them.


I feel sorry for Wigan because they may well be relegated now, and to rub their noses in it Tevez scroed twice, (at time of writing)

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On Sky this weekend it was stated that NO issues were found in the registration of the two players, only that they were owned by a third party.


As the registration process was correct it was not deemed correct to deduct points.


The AFC issue was due to an invalid registration of a player.

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Thats a double negative so to speak. If the rules only permit the owner of a player to register that player, and the 2 argies were owned by a 3rd party, WHU made erroneous registration requests for 2 players they did not own. Just because the process was correct that doesn't mean the applications were.


In addition, every club fielding an inelligible player has been docked 2 or 3 points since the early 1900's, (apart from Altringham) - 18 points)so how come WHU get no point deduction. Based on precedent, they should have had at least 4 points deducted.

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The AFCW issue was not due to an invalid registration, it was because the box requesting international clearance was not ticked after the player played for Cardiff who are also registered with the Welsh FA. Given the fact that the player was a free agent having been retired for 6 months all registions had lapsed anyway. In addition, clubs from the Nationwide leagues and the Premiership dont have to get international clearance because it is automatically given with all registrations. So tell me that you think that is fair.

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