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Club News Update

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From www.margate-fc.com:


The Club can now announce that manager Robin Trott has finalised his retained list, which is as follows:


Scott Chalmers-Stevens

Steve McKimm

Danny Hockton

James Pinnock

Jay Saunders

Louis Smith

Jimmy Jackson


Robin continues his negotiations with both Justin Skinner and Dean Standen, and the Club will confirm the position on both these players immediately decisions have been reached, together with any new signings your manager makes.


The proposed start date for the construction works to the new 5-a-side centre has been pencilled in for the 21st May 2007. A pre-contract meeting with everyone involved in the project took place at Hartsdown Park on Tuesday 15th May 2007. Further information was required to be submitted on both archaeological and land contamination issues, and these must be addressed before works can commence. Both the Club and its appointed main contractor for the works, A J Thompson, are hopeful that the additional information can be provided in time to prevent the proposed start date being delayed further. In line with the approved programme of work, the completed 5-a-side is due to be handed back to the Club in its completed form 10 weeks from commencement. The programme to completely refit the Social Club, including the construction of a new Club Shop and Offices under the Hartsdown Road end terrace, which will link to the new Members' Bar, will be commenced immediately works on the fives are underway and be completed within the same period. Our Development Partners continue to work with the Council attempting to resolve the issues which will allow works to Phase 2 (the new stadium) to commence following on from completion of Phase 1.


Generation Sport have been appointed to manage the development of the new 5-a-side centre and the Company will be launching its marketing and advertising programme within the next few weeks. Bookings for use of the new 5s court will be available to be made online, or from the new booking office at Hartsdown Road. Booking rates will be announced shortly. Daytime use will also be offered to schools and to the community generally to meet the terms bound into the legal agreement with Thanet District Council.


Up The Gate!

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Not hopeful with generation sport


They held a tournament, which my sons team won and the prize was a team kit


then nothing


No returned calls, E mails


Pi$$ed off with then, they took the £50 for each team and then don't give out the prize


Very professional

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At last.An update on happenings.If indeed your e.mail did do the trick Alan then well done.

However it came about,this is what is required on a more regular basis.At last we can now actually thank the club for updating us. Lets hope that yet again there ARE no more delays.If the start date isn't allowable,for whatever reason, I would hope for a further update at that time too.

Thank you MFC.

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I thought the new budget would mean much deeper cuts in the players retained


The money must be coming from somewhere, oh yes, the board.

The same board that got a bit of a slating for not investing in the club

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Well you know what some people are like Andy. I have every faith in the current board. (Prepare myself for an attack on that remark)

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Originally Posted By: Joseba
Originally Posted By: Taffy_Alan
Well you know I have faith

Are you Abdullah in disguise then? wink

Or in the light of Andy's comment are you George Michael in disguise in which case.

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