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Two Ducks.

Big J R

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Two ducks were staying in a big hotel and the male duck started necking the female duck.


"It's so long since I've been near the lake," she says. "I'm all dried up.... If you want any sex you are going to have to get me some KY gel."


"Where am I going to get that?" said the male duck. "Every place will be closed!"


"I'm sure the hotel would keep some, ring 0 for room service and ask for some," says his partner.


"I can't do that says the male duck.... What will they think?" But he eventually decides to do it and orders "Two teas, and pikelets with jam and cream and some sexual lubricant."


The waiter knocks on the door and comes in and places the teas and food on the table and takes the lubricant in his hand.


"Shall I put it on your bill, sir?"


"No way" says the flustered duck "What do you think I am? Some kind of pervert ?"

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