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Loan Players


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I know nothing about the Ryman way of doing things...But!! I think the most a club can loan at once is either two or three, with loaning a maximum of five players a season. You can send out on loan as many as you want.


Some clubs usually have to pay a wage contribution to loan a player, (usually 30% or 40%)


You're not allowed to loan non-EU players either.


Anyone who knows the real rules of the Ryman can feel free to correct me but I think they are the basics.


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Well I've got the last two editions and can't wait for the next one to be released! Although the season will almost be finished by the time it reaches the shelves!!!


One thing I find fascinating about that game is everything down to the players' date of birth are correct! Although I did have to create Crow, Dobbo, Cowan & Berquez as they aren't in the database.


Most clubs have someone that supplies the information to Eidos & Sports Interactive, I wonder if we do?!?!


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The new version of Champ Manager is supposed to be out in March. Apparently it won't include a data editor which is a bit annoying. I won't be able to manage Canvey in the Conference! You might be able to get an unofficial one on the internet.


The data is pretty accurate. The last version had Duffers still at Northwich and Glenn Penneyfather still playing as well as Andy Sussex in the team. The data for the non league teams though is really spot on.


The really frustrating thing is at the start of every game, Jeff Minton always wants to move to a bigger club and I end up having to sell him albeit for a decent price.


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