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The Pitch


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Seeing that there is some minor game at Wembley tonight, immediately got me thinking of the hallowed Hartsdown turf.


Whilst understandably most are 'wound up' about the 5-a-side pitches; as far as i recall, we play on the main pitch;and were there not still going to be some minor improvements made this summer to the drainage.


Does anyone know if they have started.


I see a few clubs have been making pitch improvements.


Just hope we have not got this one wrong, started too late, and try and make the minor improvements in June when it gets hot and any re-seeding does not take,and it becomes even worse next season

(who said 'that would be typical' )

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The original drainage plans were given the red light Michael. But Ray our groundsman has come up with his own idea & has already put that in place. Whether it does the job or not remains to be seen but he seems to think this method will suffice.

I do believe the pitch is in a sorry state from what Ive been told. A bit hard (like most at this time of the year) & patchy with not much grass. Needs a good seeding i.m.o.

I know Ray was going to do this & I expect he may well have done so by now. Maybe just a case of getting that rain now. Oh to see that lush grass again.

Maybe Mark could update us on the state of the pitch & his opinion & as to the works that have already been carried out & to any that might still be required.He has been up there helping Ray for the most if not for all of the time.

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Thanks Cookie.

I knew that the main works were postponed,but thought some minor work was still going to be done-as you say-Ray's personal plan by sound of it.


No rain-my parents told me it had rained all week in Kent !

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u18s played on it 2 weeks ago, loads of sand which provided a strange bounce to the ball. Over all I dont think its any worse than in privious years or other pitches, the other pitch (south side) is far worse. Still one of the best pitches in Kent, Ray alway comes up trumps.

11 week until the new season, 10 weeks for alterations and 5-a-side pitches, who`s your money on.

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agreed John , i was at a party at the club Friday night , I had a look before it got to dark and it don`t look to bad at the mo all bar the center circle looking a little bald . Ray will get it looking spot on im sure over the next 10 weeks. Up the Gate.

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Hardly going to set the world on fire, but think club statement last week said re-seeding work commencing this week, so hopefully in abou 3 weeks our barren centre circle will be turning a very lush green.

Hope it rains soon to help the growth.

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Excuse the pun Frankie-but 'grass is always greener'


Anyway, you're right-i'm in Sandwich this weekend (one visit that does not coincide with a game ) so i want it to be fine aswell-maybe it can rain on Friday.


Plenty of football for the tourists to watch come mid August- two teams in Thanet:


Margate reserves

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Originally Posted By: bigtw
Went past a couple of times today and it looks as if half of Margate sands has been dumped on it the other half is all over the road outside seam to be very busy.

Went past myself on the way home this afternoon & can concur with what Tony has said in the above quote. Machine was spreading the sand when I looked in.
As for the 5-a-side area there didnt seem to be ANY start there whatsoever. Its still overgrown wasteland & though things might start soon(according to official sources) I very much doubt the pitches will be ready for the beginning of the season,as was hoped.
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