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no not playing kroons , to be honest totally dismayed at the club at the moment and have not been there for about 2 months , will be going tonight to have a watch ........


the fourth team had a match official who you could not even talk to , sent both the manager and assistant off and one of the subs for say "blimey you got out of bed the wrong side this morning"

was it you kroons reffing

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you know more than me teffs , i was not there myself , but by all accounts the bloke was a complete idiot and should be struck off the refs list , one of our players even checked the refs room to see if some nutter had tied up the ref and decided to take over himself, he needs to be locked up ,

even our young forward jogged back past the ref , the ref says "what was that"

forward "nothing i did not say nothing"

ref " im not having that" brandishing the yellow card

how do you play with someone like that ,

glad i was not there

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lost 2-1 , a very poor performance from the lammas, gave a few fringe players a chance but they failed to take the oppourtunity

we did all the basics wrong and tried forcing the game all the time.

like to say a big thanks to the cobham staff for there help in looking after one of our players who recieved a nasty blow to the head and especially the nice young lady physio who sorted it out, credit to your club thanks

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