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Another reason why there was only 51 at Romford was due to confussion over whether the game was definatley on.


The Recorder said provisional on Friday and our website had not even got as far as considering it. Also techincally it Enfield's home game so they got 51 not us!


A lesson for us in marketing and PR me thinks.

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No one really stood out in a game destined for a 0-0 on a frozen, bumpy pitch. Two average, young, inexperinced sides who will be fighting it out for the lower top half, mid table places.


The Barking left back was good. Was wearing number 4 but couldn't catch his name. Clapton keeper looked solid but the game was devoid of any real quality. If either team had a goalscorer they would have won.


It was f**king freezing! But I saw a few old friends and my boy enjoyed it. Surprizingly he didn't get too bored or restless.

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Originally Posted By: Sixy
Only 9 at the Hullbridge game !! lol

Romford was only 51 ! seems low as it was at Romford?

33 at Concord - Was a cold night and Liverpool on the TV maybe why a little low.

Well dear Sixy...9 are double the number of people that watched you playing Mauritius on the 30th october(better weather and an hour more with the daylight) in the same league cup where only "4,i repeat four" watched your globetrotters at Aveley.As you know we have got more away supporters than Concord.
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Originally Posted By: onebreast
does 4x2 = 9 . Back to school coachie !

fink our chairman does that kind of maths every home game with the crowds we get grin
rumour has it we'll be a lot closer to home next season, "battersea" so every man can bring a dog to make up the numbers laugh
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