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Prediction Table

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1 nut250 242

2 Surrey Legend 227

3 Guvnor No1 211

4 mick t 195

5 Badfont Boy 193

6 Teflon 189

7 Gussy 188

8 TRS 186

9 Chris Clapham 185

10 Krooner 185

11 PB! 176

12 johncrow 166

13 Clearo 166

14 Terrence Collina 131

15 paolo 108

16 johnojudo 107

17 return of the mac 99

18 thespursfan 80

19 Fizzer Fan 69

20 eye1 27

21 Big Gord' 17

22 WackoJackoUK 4

23 Rattled07 3

24 Bomaya 1


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Yes mate. I thought the secretary was going to keep it for fines. Up in Lowestoft at the minute and the town is buzzing about the vase. They are currently tryig to get sponsorship to fly up to Whitley bay for the away fixture. You see scarfs hanging in shop windows who probably dont even know where the team play. Great for the town though.

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Originally Posted By: SurreyLegend
If a forum member believes we have an unfair advantage in Div 1 predictions, i hope he will feel sorry for us with some of the grounds we have to visit. Also an intelligent man, which I thought Gussy was, would surely just wait and copy our predictions.

Well i was copying PB! as he won the last one but that busy kent guvnor minus 1 outed me so i've had to actually predict angry

i jest of course grin
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