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MARCH 2008



Aylesbury Vale 3-0 Welwyn Garden City

Luke Melisi 21 (37)

Karl Kilmartin 62

Adam Targett 72

Hanwell Town 2-1 Cockfosters

Mark Gallagher 31 (57) Lee Barker 38

Darren O

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Good game all round. Benfica should have been 2 up in the first half - headed goal from the free-kick and with the second we hit the inside of the post. Instead Harpenden were fortunate with an overhead lobbed ball that fell just inside the second post to make the score 1-1 at the break.


The second half had Benfica missing some shots that should have hit the back of the net but Harpenden playing with the slope had some chances without forcing a save from our keeper. You could argue that 1-1 was a fair result.

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Special1 - Your report appears to differ greatly to that of a groundhopper who was at the game:


Tues 25th.

Spartan South Midlands League Division 1

Harpenden Town 1 Sport London e Benfica 1


I'd originally planned a revisit to Cranfield, but decided instead to try out Harpenden. I'd read on here that attendances at Rothamsted Park were often very low, last night 22 (hc) turned out to watch a dissapointing Benfica side struggle to contain a Harps side which going into the game were one off bottom and had only 6 wins to their name. Sport LeB started the brighter and took the lead on 14 minutes, Harpenden equalised on 23 through an opportunistic cross cum lob which sailed over the Benfica keeper into the top corner. Town had the lion's share of the chances from there on in but couldn't make them stick.


Admission 3 quid Programme 50p

Coffee 50p no hot food


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Originally Posted By: Horace

Cranfield United 0-3 Biggleswade Town

An anorak was in attendance, I wouldn't mind having 50p that the final won't be played at Biggleswade Town's new ground:

Tues 25th North Beds Charity Cup-Semi final
Cranfield United 0 Biggleswade Town 3
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Originally Posted By: Horace

Aylesbury Vale 3-0 Welwyn Garden City

An anorak was in attendance, Aylesbury Vale's programme sounds like a good read for a Premier Division Club:

Aylesbury Vale (1) 3 Welwyn Garden City (0) 0
SML Premier
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