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Jay Saunders

I am Spartacus

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It is well within Margates capabilities to snatch an awesome defeat at Leyton.


We managed to through away a vitually unassailable playoff place last year, so to lose against Leyton will be equally achievable.

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Put yourself in a squad members shoe`s and think how he might be feeling just after he`s read that MM , Ok things are not great by a long way but to rub salt into the wound is a F..king lovely thing to do .

They will be so up for tommorrow im sure of it after reading this forum , we are fans and we all have opinions and we are all intitled to say what we want but what they are after now is a whole load of surport from there own fans which don`t seem to be happening right now . Up the Gate .

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You may be right, but it probably does'nt matter if we lose anyway.


The real damage was done in the defeats to the likes of Tonbrige,Hastings and Maidstone, and in the very undeserved defeat at Horsham.Those were the painful ones.


Frankly-i think many of us are in demob mode-just waiting for next season.

But would love RT and the team to prove the likes of me wrong, and this season do the opposite of last-win the next 5 and snatch that last play-off place at the death.


Up the 'Gate.

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Not saying your wrong MM everyone`s opinion is a valid statement of how you feel and there is nothing wrong with that in my book but ok the players must be wondering why the hell the surport from there own fans downs them so much when we should be giving them every encourgement .

Its football thats causes all the problems really everybody is so passionette about the game and when its not going the way you want it to it sucks . Up the Gate .

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The support has been sh1t for some time now, its not the manager or teams fault.

I lay the blame higher up since the ground got demolished i and a few friends + the other die hards stuck with it through the Dover & Ashford years.

In those years our great vocal support has dwindled because the core support became disalusioned. For the last 4 seasons ive no longer looked forward to watching the Gate like i used too.

Now with the ground ect ect ive given up this season at least.

Im no glory hunter but theres only so much bull on and off the pitch one person can take. Ramsgate deserve to finish above us even though its guna cost me a score lol.

Just hope i see action, regards ground improvement next season.


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