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Smoking at Wemberlee

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AFAIK - there is no chance of 'nipping outside' at half time - imagine the chaos if 30-40,000 smokers all wanted a quick smoke during the FA Cup final - the seats would all be empty for the start of the second half.... Wait a minute, the seats ARE empty for the start of the second half!!!

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I'm not a smoker and never have been, but surely if you smoke you can show some consideration for a couple of hours, there will be hundreds of kids in the crowd at Wembley that dont want smoke blowing in there faces every 5 minutes while someone has a 'crafty un', if your'e not allowed to smoke, then dont smoke. I havn't got a problem with smokers, but dont risk getting chucked out of the biggest game in 'Fleets' history.

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Originally Posted By: 1 F in Fleet
Probably a Q for HJA or Jeff ...
We will have a smoker in our group at Wembley , and we all know there is no smoking at all in the ground , BUT ... would he be able to nip outside at half time , and gain re-entry with his ticket stub ?
Cheers all

I will ask on Sunday, but I very much doubt it.
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Originally Posted By: Hirsty
Just get p*ssed...then you won't know whether you have had a cigarette or not !!

If only everybody on this forum were as sensible & practically minded as this gentleman, his support of strange teams from erstwhile centres of steel production notwithstanding. (God, I'm impressed with my ability to say that without lisping after a 7 pint long journey home from work.) drinkies

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