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Not looking good for Folkestone and Maidstone


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Far from it-as i posted elsewhere -3 points next week and Mr T will have saved margate from relegation 3 seasons on the trott-and in all seriousness-that has to be the first priority everytime.


My concern is that he will not be able to next season-he appears not to have any of these key ingredients (just one would give hope ):


the contacts to sign better players,

the charisma to attract better players,

the funds to attract better players,

or the coaching skills to improve and organise players.


It has taken me 20 months to decide my personal views on Mr T-but i have in last few weeks firmly decided that solely imo, his contract should not be renewed.

Purely a personal view-as others believe he should stay-as indeed it seems do the board of MFC and its their view that counts.

I just hope that unlike last summer when Mr T was congratulating himself on not having to work so hard on team building as the season before -that this pre-season-maybe a bit more hard work is called for and he may just want to try and find and sign defenders who can defend.

I simply fear a lack\of change will lead MFC to a relegation fight next season (current form is relegation form ).


If we win the next three games-as i believe we will- i will still have the same view -i really do genuinely fear for Margate football clubs fortunes next season.



My expectations remain low- i would not be looking for play-offs again next season-i simply do not want to see margate in Ryman south-but everything points to us heading that way as things are,and i do not believe Mr T is the manager to avoid relegation 4 seasons on the trott.

I wish he was, and wish him well ;as i believe in continuity-not change-but enough is enough is enough



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MM I agree you have the right to post your bitchy catty remarks on this forum which even with you not seeing the game make them all the more boring.


However, it is my right to ignore them so I have now put you on ignore so I do not have to read them again. That is however until you decide to be more positive and less up your rear windpipe.

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If by some complete fluke we were to find ourselves in a play-off position at end of month-does the ground as it stands comply with the requirements for conf. south ?


It could just be we have all been stressing ourselves out re:play-offs and we would not be allowed in them anyway ?

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My understanding is that we are pretty much OK to go up with regard to ground grading. I asked the Chairman that question in an interview a while back.

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Some very strong views there, personally I do not believe I am in a position to argue the case for RT to leave as I have due to travel costs only seen 2 games this season, because of that i would rather listen to those who go week in week out. I have seen many of the posts of MM and they always appear so negative, criticising the team, particualrly the defence, the manager, the structure etc etc, my point is how many games have you seen MM and do you have a right to offer this criticsim from afar. We knew this season would be difficult my view is unmtil the ground issue is sorted we will exist but there are too many other teams in a similar position as us and we do not have a devine right to promotion, we are rebuilding there are posities if we continue to improve things will get better,

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How many matches must someone attend before they can have an opinion ? You also dont have to attend a match to see and hear whats happening on and off the pitch


There are a few people on the forum which to me are total idiots, but their views are theirs. I dont have to agree with them, and in most cases I wont even engage them in debate


MM's postings although I would agree that they are negative seem mostly constructive


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