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Sponsored Walk to Fleet Town


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Hello everyone,


I seem to remember that this time last year, a number of people were saying that they wanted to sponsor each walker.


Since we're doing a mammoth 7am start for 25-ish mile walk for an extremely worthwhile cause, I thought I'd set up a post for those interested in sponsoring.


The charity with whom we'll be sharing half the pot with is Treblle, a leukaemia ward at Wexham Park Hospital designed for kids.


There aren't many of us this year (i'm not sure of the exact number but it's below 10 i believe), so please give generously.


Many thanks


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Not able to do walk this year, as recuperating from quite a serious illness, but will bring a donation to the game. Assume you hope to have bucket/flag collection again, if not who best person to give it to?

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Greg we have been doing a sponsored walk for many years to our last away game of the season. To date the longest was Slough to Worthing, 3 days, 63 miles, 5 walkers. Last year we had over thirty walk 20 odd miles to Hampton.


Charlie, have you planned a route or do you want me to?

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Thanks for that Gary, not sure I would have time this year. Looking forward to the walk though should be fun.

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You might not be saying that, when we are actually walking it.


For those who are walking, it goes something like


1. Leave WP

2. Through Eton and Windsor

3. B3022 (Winkfield Rd)

4. Braziers Lane / Locks Ride through Chavey Down

5. B3430 around Bracknell

6. A3095 then right to Bracknell Rd, through Crowthorne, Little Sandhurst, and Frogmore (to miss Dual Carraigeway)

7. A30 up to B3013 on left

8. B3013 all the way into Fleet's ground


Not sure of the actual distance, but it is around 26-27 miles


I will have actual maps ready for the next game on Saturday.


If anyone sees anything wrong with it, please shout.

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I do still have your address and as soon as I get a form I'll mail it across to you. I think the main incentive for the walk is going to be the later booze up down the Herschel!

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