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When is Flack going to be back?


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I dunno...why don't you ask him. I was told that he had a set back and then why would we want to risk his future performances with the club...


Oh and yes, next season. It follows this season and I feel quite good about it...perhaps next season may be our season for promotion, therefore I would want a fit Flackie (should he stay with us).

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I know all clubs get injury troubles, but we do seem to have been hit particularly hard this year. Or is it just that we've been lucky in the previous few seasons?


Game, Flack, Dorms; three players that may have made a lot of difference over the last few games and the next three.


Still, time to look to the future as you say Gazza.

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Definitely the worst season for injuries I can remember...


Off the top of my head, players missing a month or more:


1st game of the season, Boot scores 2, gets injured- out for 2 months.

2nd game - Matt Game breaks leg, out for season.

Sept McMahon out (again) misses month

Nov Flack out with foot injury for rest of season

Hodges (knee op)

Semanshia out for 2 months

Dormer misses last 2 months


add in the usual injuries keeping players out for 2-3 weeks and it's a bit of a sorry list. I think it's reasonable to expect that 1 or 2 senior players may be missing at any given time through injury, but we've had 3 or 4 for most of the season which is a lot if you have a small squad.

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And not forgetting the bans that some players have had - Leon Hunter, Paul Shave, Steve Heffer, maybe more but at this time I can't remember all of them. Maybe only a game or two (with the exception of Shave) but they have come when injuries have depleted the squad and the options for player availability have tempered both Jason's and Grant's decisions over stratagy and formation.


I find it amirable that people still think we're in with a chance for a play off place and I would concour that, looking at the league table, if and it's a IF, teams above have a nightmare and we win our next three games it is possible. The fat lady is not signing at the moment but she is definately doing some vocal excersises to warm up...perhaps if we win this Saturday and stop Tonbridge in their tracks, it'll look a bit rosier next week.

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I think we need a poll on the spelling of Matt Games' nickname; "Gameo" or "Gamo".


Gameo could be pronounced "gay-me-oh", which sounds like an Italian waiter with a liking for.. err.. Judy Garland films (cue Coach).


Whereas Gamo could be pronounced "Gamm-oh", which sounds like a character from "Last of the Summer Wine".


Or perhaps there's a third way? Gaimo?



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I once met a game ho, but lets not go there




Max Mosley should take that advice.


Actually game'o seems about right. It's posh as well, 'avin an 'ifen innit!




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Originally Posted By: finisterre
Originally Posted By: The Town Crier

Now is it Flacky, Flackie or Flackee, I can never remember read

Isn't a Flackee somebody who is Flacked by a Flacker?

Flakery has almost disappeared now. My Father can remember when Flackers were 2 a penny but theres no call for them any more, except in the remote highlands of course, its all done on-line these days.
Shame really.
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