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Title reaches the home straight....

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Well all seems quiet on here considering that tomorrow night is arguabbly part one of a straight shoot-out for the League title and subsequent promotion! yay


Enfield @ home to Concord!! I tip Concord for the title if Concord win tomorrow however anything but a victory may open up too big a gap for the boys from the Rock!


What`s interesting is that all three contenders play each other once more before the seasons finale! Part I (Enfield v Concord tomorrow), II (Barkingside v Enfield 16 April) and III (Barkingside v Concord on last day of season).



As it stands:


Barkingside Pld 27 Pts 68 GD +53

Enfield 1893 Pld 27 Pts 67 GD +57

Concord Pld 26 Pts 62 GD +59

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


The questions that I pose are below....


Barkingside despite being top, I think we would all agree that they are still the dark horses of this title race? Do they have what it takes, with all due respect, I for one am very suprised (In a nice way) that they are still in the mix. Should they hold their bottle in seemingley winable games v Clapton, Hullbridge and Bowers, then home advantage against both Enfield and Concord could prove massive!! bigshock


Enfield 1893 They are the Ex-Ryman boys, they have the fewest 'local' derbies so sureley they should be favourites...but Concord seem to have their number (as all previous encounters have proven) and I wonder whether they have the desire to see out tricky fixtures v Eton Manor and Romford! Also I question whether they will beat Concord and Barkingside!


Concord In my opinion, the best footballing side in the league and are on this great run which sees them enter the home straight as the form side. But have they rattled too many cages along the way, thus setting themselves up for trickier return matches! I think Concord will beat Enfield and comfortably, I also feel that they have the easiest run in with matches v Apsa, Hullbridge, Stansted and a home clash v Eton Manor. Could it come down to the final day v Barkingside, which in a one off game You`d fancy Concord...but cannot drop any more points!




I cant wait...it`s gonna be great, and yes I have been bored here at work!





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Originally Posted By: Lightweight
It's nice to know we get under their skin smile

We don't sing about them though we just treat them with a silent contempt!!

As I've said before many times Lighters the Scruffies have a massive inferiority complex about the Boro! They can't seem to shake it orf however hard they try!
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Originally Posted By: richard193
you obviously didnt listen to the question, it was who were aldershots first opponents? fecking pay attention!

I did cocksniff...you never mentioned league match.. Ergo Aldershot first fixture v Romford.. First League fixture v Clapton..
Stupid boy...
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