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Common Buzzard

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Originally Posted By: urchin_mentalist
Juvenile at dunnings lane,upminster.
The first juvenile buzzard i have seen in the area ever.
I did see an adult a couple of months ago in the same area so am hopeful there are a breeding pair in the area

did you know buzzard is now most common bird of prey in britain?
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yes,it has been for the last 5 or so years.

It is still more common than the kestrel in the west and the other way round in the east but it is a more common sight the last few years around here especially.

Up until last spring i had seen one in the south west are of essex.Since then i have seen at least 10 and they are reported pretty much daily in south essex.Upto about 3 years ago i would regularly holiday in the south west and would not see a buzzard till i got past basingstoke(if going down the A30) Or Reading (on the M4)

Now i see them all the way round the M25

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Depends on where you mean by common - certainly here in Essex it is by no means common, though it is getting more regular.


Kestrel is easily the most common in Essex, with sparrowhawk second.


Go to a place like Minsmere or Elmley, then marsh harrier lead the way.


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Went to my usual site on dunnings lane at 5pm till about 6.15 but no sighting so i moved on towards some woodland near orsett where i can park my car in a field and look over the woodland,within 15 minutes i had cracking views with the sun on my back of a pair of buzzards at the top of the trees in the woods.they sat there for about 20 minutes before one was mobbed by a crow and the other one came from about 15 feet away to get rid of the crow,then the smaller glided to another tree for a few minutes before coming back to the female.

Then on my way home i went to dunnings lane again and saw 1 buzzard from a distance in the woods so hopefully this is one of the birds from the other day.

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I have spoken to the county recorder re the pair of buzzards at orsett and he has confirmed that there has been a pair in the area for a couple of years now.I think they keep it reasonably low key but he said to keep an eye on them for the foreseable future,by this i think he means that they are expected to breed which would be a fantastic story for the bird in this area.

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I went there years ago. It was desolate and lovely on that day. I swam in the sea and nearly had a heart attack when there was a sudden spurting of water straight out of the sea bigshock There are shacks along the route that are usually easy to walk into if you need to get your head down laugh

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